Thursday, January 10, 2008

Go to Your State's Caucus/Primary

This is is to encourage all of us to go to our state's caucuses/primaries. Have you ever complained about having to choose between the lesser of evils? Do something about it! If we are to ensure that we needn't impeach more political servants, then it starts with ensuring that we have respectable politicians from which to vote. Caucus and ensure that at least one of the political candidates chosen is one for which you'd actually wish to vote. Ensure that the presidential candidate and any other political candidates being chosen at your state's caucus believes in accountability.

Also, come to your caucus prepared to introduce an impeachment resolution. You can base yours on this one introduced in Alaska (change the state and any other relavent details). This way, you can cause impeachment to become part of your party platform!

Here are links to the major parties' websites. Chose the state you're in, and from there find out about your state's caucus/primary process.

Republican Party

Green Party

Democratic Party